انا اشعر (I Feel)

Emotions are feelings we deal with everyday. Sometimes you do not realize you are feeling a certain way until you have a moment to yourself to reflect on your personal life and well being. You can experience more than one emotion at a time or stay stuck in one state. You can keep to yourself or outwardly vocalize your feelings. It can be extremely difficult to express how you feel, especially when you are unaware of what it is you are truly feeling.

انا اشعر (I Feel) outwardly expresses emotions. For this series I wanted to physically represent what these emotions feel like on the inside. Each garment reflects a specific time in my life and depicts an emotion that I feel and have felt strongly connected with. Often inspired by nature, I chose certain natural materials to interpret how I believe each emotion would look if it was something you could always see rather than feel.



Optimism represents the feeling of being happy. Feeling love and always looking on the brighter side. Not to be mistaken for naiveté but simply overjoyed with life and the love it continually brings. Optimism embraces others and expects nothing in return except for their happiness and well being.



Shy is when you have feelings for someone but cannot express it. You draw yourself back from them because you are afraid of the outcome being negative. You timidly tuck away your feelings even though you want to burst. It is innocent and so pure.


Heart Broken

Heart Broken is your first love. It is usually accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of hurt. A sadness in its most pure form. Everything is slow and takes a lot of regrowing with what seems to be an endless amount of time. It heals one day but will always be a part of you.



Melancholy is a certain sadness that you cannot quite place. At times you feel immobile or weighed down. You aimlessly walk and sway in the wind as your mind is blank. It is almost like a daydream that you do not snap out of.