DRinks x Design: Fashion & Accessories

Celebration of Fashion & Accessories at Detroit Denim! The Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3) partnered with Detroit Denim Co. and CAM Trade to create a fashionable experience while celebrating Detroit textile manufacturing and creativity.


These images were captured at the Drinks x Design event. I collaborated with Shannen Chau to create these garments. We wanted to create garments that incorporated key details, such as sheer fabric and real elements of nature. For each garment one or both of those materials are featured. We wanted to put a fresh, new take on the fashion industry. Usually in fashion when designers incorporate nature, it is through a printed pattern, however our goal was to make that pattern three dimensional and stand out rather than become a part of the fabric.

You can view images of all the garments we created in the fashion section. You can also see Shannen Chau's work at http://www.chaucakedesigns.com/