Dreaming puts you into an environment that you cannot always control. It brings together all of the dream states and forms them into one perplexing concept of an alternate reality. Elements of terror, joy and the mundane days of life mold together and creates an idea that may seem odd, beautiful, sorrowful and confusing.



Lucid dreaming, unlike the rest of the dream states, puts you in complete and total control. You are fully aware that you are dreaming and have free range to explore any destination you desire to be for a temporary amount of time.


Sleep Paralysis is a dream state in which you have no control and are completely aware of it. You are unable to move your body and break free, all while your mind is awake and battling against it. Unlike being a part of your dream, this state consumes you.


Nightmares are usually very unpleasant. They can often put the dreamer into eerie and alarming situations. Nightmares can evoke strong and emotional responses such as despair, anxiety and at times, heartache. This dream state often contains discomfort or physical terror.